It's a me!

It's a me!

my name's trailbot and i try my best to do nice art

I have experience with a variety of art forms, but I'm most confident in Illustration, 3D art, or graphic design. 



Classic 2D drawn art, harvested in-house by our talented c̶h̶e̶f̶s̶*  


akali BLACKLIGHT.png

3D art

Exactly one more dimension than 2D art, but you're viewing them on a 2D screen with eyes that view two separate 2D images that gets interpreted as 3D....


...anyway this section is CGI stuff


Graphic Design

Logos to represent people, places, things, ideas, or strange interdimensional beings. I'm not judging.


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Client Testimonials

"After searching for quite awhile for a quality designer, I happened to stumble on Trail bot's website. From the ease of payment to the speed of the artwork, I literally have no complaints. My Logo and banner came out better than I could have imagined, and even the adjustments I needed were done extremely quick. Honestly, surprised it would be this easy of a process. Next time I need some work done, I know exactly who I'll come back to in order get the work done from! Trail Bot's an absolute pleasure to work with"

~Taylor J

"Trail contacted me about my search for an illustrator for my new branding picture while another artist was given the job. To be honest, I was going to simply pay both parties and use whichever image came out better, but I never heard from the other artist again. Needless to say, I was surprised when not only did Trail enthusiastically get to work on my project that night, but already had an outline and basic sketch done before I could hardly say hello. A very fast, reliable, professional, and quality worker: If I'm ever in need of another branding image, he'll be the first, and only person, I hire for the job. 10/10, IGN, Would Hire Again!"


"Working with Trailbot has been a delight. He was very easy to communicate with and was more than happy to go the extra mile for the designs that I had in mind. If I ever need any other graphic design work done I will definitely be coming back to him and recommend you to do the same."


"Trailbot is amazing at what he does. I initially gave a deadline in which he said that he could get it done way before the deadline and started right away. He is extremely open to changing things to suit what you want to get out of it and is a pleasure to talk to along the way. I never hesitated in asking for what I really want and he never hesitated in doing his best to fulfill what I was asking. 11/10 best graphic artist NA."